Rivco Billet Floorboards

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I purchased my new floorboards and the matching brake pedal cover from Xtreme Revolution. I placed my order by phone, and spoke with the very friendly and helpful Melissa. She even went to check the inventory herself just to make sure they were really in stock! Great customer service. Their prices were also the cheapest I found, and everything arrived just as expected.

A comparison of the Rivco and stock floorboards. The Rivco is slightly larger and has a much nicer shape to it. Gotta love all that chrome, too!

The bottom of the Rivco board, including the replaceable grind indicator.

Removing the stock boards is very simple - just pull the "C" clip off the pin and pull the pin out. There's a spring on the board you then transfer to the new board. Then you simply mount the new board, slide the pin back in, and replace the "C" clip. This is where I ran into trouble. The boards were hard to install, and once installed, would not pivot on the pin.

Removing them again revealed that the underside of the board was hitting the top of the bracket. It looks like they needed a larger cutout.  To resolve this, I used my Dremel to shave down the tops of the bracket (See red circles in photo) and then painted them with black hobby paint to prevent rust. After this, the new boards installed easily and pivoted smoothly.

The left side board, fully installed.

The right side board, fully installed, along with the brake pedal cover. This part slides over the brake pedal and secures with three allen set screws.

The left side, along with matching passenger board.

The right side, along with matching passenger board.

I'm very happy with the end result. These boards look fantastic, and ride great, too! I seem to feel less vibation through them than the stock boards. The minor install glitch is not a big deal - I highly recommend these!