Monoceros Class Scout

This is the very first kitbash I've completed. It's based on a drawing I found online, then found more detail on in a PDF document I also found online: Jaynz Ships of Star Fleet, Volume 3. It indicates the ship was designed by Aridas Sofia.

I built the ship using a Polar Lights saucer, and then warp engines, struts, and a bridge/ bc deck assembly from JT Graphics.  Decals are also by JT Graphics. I modified the bridge by removing the turbolift and replacing it with a pair of turbolifts.  The struts I over-engineered.  First, I filled the back half of the saucer with Aves putty, then glued the saucer shut.  Then I cut two slots at angles thru the hull, inserted the struts, puttied them in place with more Aves, and chopped off the extra that came thru the bottom half.

Here's the drawing that originally inspired me:

Here's the ship's backstory from Jaynz:

The Monoceros is a unique ship in its own class, designed primarily as a testbed vessel for ‘new generation’ technology. The most striking difference with the Monoceros from previous ships is the new pair of LN-40 warp engines mounted above the main saucer. It is for these engines that the ship was created.

The Monoceros is officially designated a ‘scout’ and an uprated design from the Hermes family of scouts, although there’s little the same between the Monoceros and her would-be sister ships considering the new technology placed within her.

Despite being considered a moderately successful test vessel, the axe fell on the Monoceros design itself, with no new builds allocated for ships of the type. Instead, a new design, employing some of the lessons learned from the test project, would be deployed in 2271: the Oberth class.