Harley Davidson

This is a Imex 1/9th scale Harley-Davidson Sportster 883.

I bought it when I was trying to get back into modeling - I thought it would be a quick and easy build, being mostly chrome plated.  Boy was I wrong.  There was so much cleanup to be done, and so much care to be taken with all the small parts.  The hoses were all new to me, too.  Finally, it was my first experience using an airbrush.  I think it came out pretty good.

The license plate was made by scanning a real plate on a flatbed scanner, then reducing it and printing it out.  It was then glued to the frame.

Yes, that's a paper clip acting as the kick stand.  The included part was much to weak to actually hold the model up, so I fashioned this for the photo shoot.  Eventually I'll come up with something better.

The seat is the only part I'm not real happy with.  I just wasn't sure how to get a more realistic finish on it.