Battlestar - Galactica

This is the Battlestar Galactica from Moebius Models. It is in 1/4105 scale.

In addition to the kit itself, I used photoetch detail from ParaGrafix for the museum windows and the nameplates. I also used the deluxe aztec decal set from Acreation Models. This set not only includes paneling decals for the raised armor sections of the hull, but also includes decals to go in between each and every rib on the hull. I also used extra rib decals from a second set to detail areas not completely covered by the original set. Overall, I applied somewhere near 2000 decals to this model!

It was painted using Testors non-buffing metallizer, and clear-coated with metallizer sealer. Areas without decals were detailed and weathered using artist's oils thinned with turpenoid.

I entered this model in the contest at Wonderfest 2012 where it took a Bronze medal.

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