USS Endeavour

Here is the 1/1000 USS Endeavour. This ship is designed to fall into the timeline between the original series Enterprise and the refit (movie) Enterprise. As such, it incorporates features of both.

I built this ship using the Polar Lights Enterprise and a resin conversion kit from JT Graphics. Decals are also by JT Graphics. The base coat is Rustoleum automotive primer. Details were painted using a combination of Model Master and Tamiya acrylics, airbrushed using a Badger 360. A few very small details were brushed by hand.

These detail shots show the movie style secondary hull pennants and a closeup of the newer style warp engines.

This closeup shows the primary hull registry and markings. I used the newer movie style font, but kept the ship's name straight rather than curving as on the movie Enterprise, so that it was halfway between TOS and Movie styles.