This is Ripley. She is a black and tan purebred Miniature Pinscher. She's about a year and a half old and weighs about 8 1/2 lbs. Ripley has had her ears cropped and tail docked in typical Min Pin fashion.

Her favorite pastimes include chasing balls, barking at strange noises, climbing on the kitchen table, and stealing toys / bones from her brothers.  Ripley's multiple nick names include:

  • Bone dog

  • pretty

  • etc

Look, I'm a cat in the window!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday to me!

Me and one of my favorite balls.  Shortly after this picture, I chewed into lots of tiny pieces.

Smiling like the Mona Lisa, hence the name: Bona Lisa.

Ripley's newest love is swimming. We throw a toy into the pool and she retrieves it. Then she'll beg us to throw it again. She can go like this forever!