USS O'Neill

Here is the 1/1000 USS O'Neill.

I built this ship using the Polar Lights Enterprise and a resin conversion kit from Gizmotron. The base coat is Rustoleum automotive primer. Details were painted using a combination of Model Master and Tamiya acrylics, airbrushed using a Badger 360. A few very small details were brushed by hand.

I won a Merit award with this build at Wonderfest 2009.

This detail shot shows where I replaced the side grills on the secondary hull. The kit supplied ones were just smooth resin. I cut the ones from a spare Polar Lights kit, and sanded them to fit.

These closeup shots show where I reinforced the warp pylons. I cut grooves into them, super glued in some brass rod, then covered it up with Aves putty. Some sanding, red putty, more sanding, and paint, and you can't tell. Now I never have to worry about them drooping!

And this is the final result: