Klingon D-11 Cruiser

This is the Klingon D-11 light cruiser, a resin kit by Jupiter Station, and sold thru Starship Modeler. It's based on a ship in the FASA Star Trek role Playing Game.

I built the ship pretty much straight from the box, with no modifications. It was painted by airbrush, using Model Master Acrylic paints.

The stand is by The Model Base and was bought at Wonderfest. It was actually the hardest part of this build to paint, becuase of all the raised detail in different colors.

Unforunately, between the time I built this and the time I photographed it (several months), the neck and head drooped. The resin was not strong enough to hold the weight without bending. I may try straightening it under hot water. Also, while taking these photographs, I dropped it. The stand was damaged, so some of these shots have a different stand in use.