Complete Site History and Change Log

Apr 9 2013

Klingon K'Tinga added1/2500 scale Battlecruiser.

Dec 12 2012

Battlestar Galactica addedFrom the nu-BSG TV series.

Oct 28 2012

Surak Class Vulcan Ringship AddedFrom the 'Enterpise' TV series.

Jul 8 2011

Loknar Class Frigate AddedBuilt for combat.

Jul 8 2011

Workbench photos updatedNewly cleaned and organized.

Nov 28 2010

Surya Class Cruiser AddedPredecessor to the Reliant.

Nov 28 2010

Klingon D-11 AddedA bizarre little cruiser.

Jun 13 2010

Viper Mk II WIP AddedCockpit complete.

Fed 4 2010

BMW Roadster AddedA gift for Michelle.

Dec 1 2009

Dreadnought Added Star Fleet's battlewagon.  Design by Franz Joseph from the Star Trek Technical Manual. 

Jul 25 2009

Decatur Class USS O'Neill Added The Gizmotron conversion kit for the Polar Lights 1/1000 Enterprise.

Feb 15 2009

USS Endeavour Added The JT Graphics conversion kit for the Polar Lights 1/1000 Enterprise.

Feb 14 2009

Alert Class Perimeter Action Ship Added I actually finished this ship last year, but never got around to photographing it.

Jul 11 2008

Dog Photos I added a bunch of new dog photos, including long overdue pictures of Hurley.

Jun 27 2008

New Design I decided to do a complete redesign of my site after seeing a cool template online.  This is the end result.  Let me know what you think.

Mar 6 2008

Monoceros Scout Added This is my very first completed kitbash, and I'm very happy with the end result.

Feb 18 2008

New Host and URL After running out of space at my ISP, I purchased a domain name and some hosting space, and have migrated my old site.  The old site will remain so that existing links will work, but I'll only be updating this new site.

May 17 2007

Motorcycles I added a section for pictures of our motorcycles, as well as some aftermarket part reviews and installation walk-thrus.

Sept 1 2006

Bird of Payne Added One of my favorite designs, based on John Payne's fabulous artwork.

Jun 5 2005

DY-100 Added A small ship, but a nice addition to the collection.

Sept 22 2005

Federation Scout Added A PNT Models conversion kit.

Apr 8 2005

Updates to Bird of Payne and Workbench In-progress work.

Apr 4 2005

Klingon Added, Dog Section Created The Polar Lights D-7 kit.

Apr 1 2005

Workbench Section Created A way to show off some works in progress.

Mar 15 2005

Site Created The first version of this site.

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