Alert Class Perimeter Action Ship

This is my version of Starship Modeler's conversion kit. Two modifications were made to the kit:

One was to include a navigational deflector / sensor dish, which I took from a Polar Lights NX-02 class model.

Next, I shortened the warp engines by 20%. I figured such a small ship wouldn't need the same engines as the Enterprise. In order to retain details, I cut and removed a section from the middle of the nacelles. This required a lot of putty and sanding to restore the proper taper of the engines.

Here's a comparison alongside a Loknar class ship with regular engines:

Here's the back story on the engine variants:

Introduced in 2244 and commonly found on lighter 'support' ships, the PB-32-S is, in a practical sense, the PB-32 without the secondary compressor fields and a reduced overall power output. As a result, the PB-32-S is considered the 'short' model, with slightly less optimal performance than the PB-32.