U.S.S. Enterprise

Here's my Polar Lights' Enterprise. I built it mostly straight out of the box, except for the addition of VA Miniatures' red tinted bussard collectors from Federation Models.  The decals are a combination of the kit decals and some JT Graphics ones, mainly the bridge insert, the planetary sensor arrays, and the impulse engine machinery.

The ship was painted with Testor's Model Master acrylics and clear coated with Future floor wax.  The only exception is the main sensor dish, which I painted with Tamiya copper acrylic.

Here you can see the bridge insert from JT Graphics.

A complete view of the bottom of the ship.  You can see the JT Graphics planetary sensor array decals on the bottom of the saucer.

Here's a view of the bridge insert prior to painting.

Here's the stand I built.  I like to use brass rod for a nice strong stand.